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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Great Divide  (AA)
Journal Level 90 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Great Divide more
How to Start Drammind Gul in The Great Divide ( -356, -280, 540 ) /waypoint -356, -280, 540
part of: Great Divide Timeline
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For Former Friends
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  1. MUST be of Freeblood Race
  2. Must have Marketplace 'Cloud of Bats' ability
  3. Must be at least Level 86


  1. Enter Tserrina's Frozen Library, a special instance accessed by clicking on the mirror to Tower of Frozen Shadow (-1118,-526,-1722 ) in the Great Divide.
    • Note: There are aggressive level 93 books in this instance, but they do not see through invis
  2. Find Tserrina's leathery tome, which was found on the 2nd floor at ( 25, 70, -115 ) /waypoint 25, 70, -115
  3. Return to Drammind to complete the quest.


Now that you have your bat whistle, go ahead and summon your swarm! You may do the side-quests in any order, but only one may done done every 18 hours, like the gryphon mount quests.

Mount Side Quests Edit

  1. Calming the Colony - Search for 8 bloodroots in the Great Divide. These are reported to be between the Crystalline Crevasses and the Ry'Gorr Ruins. (roots are usually by rocks)
  2. Cave for the Colony - Enter the Tizmak Caves. Once you do this, the quest should auto-complete.
  3. Food For Flight - Kill 8 millipedes on the Blisterrock Ridge.
  4. For the Colony - Find 6 lost bats in the Great Divide. These are clickable objects in the ROI regions on the map and can be very spread out
  5. Strength of the Colony - Kill 8 Ry'Gorr orcs in the Great Divide. They are found around the Ry'Gorr Ruins and Scar Bridge.

When done with all 5 quests, Hail your bat swarm and you will receive another "Quest Complete!" box. Your marketplace bat mount will now be flight accessible!

Each side-quest will yield At least 29g 85s 79c