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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Great Divide (Destiny of Velious)
Race Griffin‎
Level 97▲▲▲ Tier 10 Heroic , (Approx. HP: 27 - 28,000,000)
Location Flies along Blisterrock Ridge ( -454, -364, -431 ) /waypoint -453.80, -363.86, -431.14 Eq2map
Reported Drops
Melee Attacks Piercing
Spell Attacks Elemental
Special Attacks
  • Screech (Cold)
  • Wing Buffet (Crushing)
AA Exp yes
Status Points unknown

What does this information mean?


Fleshrender is relatively tough compared to the Ghost of the Tundra and the Old Shardwurm nearby. You should bring a strong tank and high dps if you plan to take it down. He has a front and rear knockback so the fight may be easier if the tank pulls to one of the numerous ledges around Blisterrock Ridge. At regular intervals during the fight it will turn towards a random group member and cast Screech without changing its current target. A screen message appears mentioning who it is targetting and a sound plays. To avoid taking the stun and dot, that person has to move out of the way or stun/stifle/interrupt Fleshrender. Once the spell has hit, it cannot be cured. Rinse & repeat till it's dead.

Fleshrender does not move once the message has played saying he is about to Screech at someone, so he may be soloable by a raid geared player. He will not turn to follow you. If you have backstabs that work from the side, stay to the side because he has front and rear kicks, you will be kicked less. Scouts should use a stance that interrupts if they have it. Try not to aggro any bulls that may be around, they also stun and the combined effect is harsh. Fleshrender has very high health, the fight will last a while.


A previous editor noted that the primary spell attack was *Elemental*. In the 10+ times I've taken this mob down I haven't seen that. I've only seen the two *special* attacks and piercing damage. One final note... I agree with the above strategy and would only add that (on average) the engagement lasts anywhere from 4:30 to 5:00 minutes.