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Flamesilk Robe
Cloth Armor Chest
White Adorn Slot
+24 int +15 sta
+55 health +85 power
+572 vs elemental +312 vs arcane
+3 Disruption
+32 Ability Modifier
Cloth Armor (Chest)
Mitigation 94
Level 47 (Tier 5)
Obtain: [How can I get one?] try LootDB or the linkback

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You may upload a JPG or PNG image of the in-game examine window.


Dropped by a defender of Thyr (Lavastorm) a fetid emission (Lavastorm) a fire imp (Lavastorm) a flame walker (Lavastorm) a flaming globule (Lavastorm) a flare assassin (Lavastorm) a flare gladiator (Lavastorm) a flare impaler (Lavastorm) a flare reaper (Lavastorm) a hardened colossus (Lavastorm) a living lava flow (The Sanctum of Fire) a magma worm (Lavastorm) a magma wormling (Lavastorm) a mature lava crawler (Lavastorm) a molten fragment (Lavastorm) a noxious emission (Lavastorm) a searing lurker (Lavastorm) a smoldering king crab (Lavastorm) a Sootfoot gatherer (Lavastorm) a Sootfoot laborer (Lavastorm) a Sootfoot peon (Lavastorm) a Sootfoot ritualist (Lavastorm) a Sootfoot rockpicker (Lavastorm) a Sootfoot sage (Lavastorm) a Sootfoot warrior (Lavastorm) a Sootfoot whelp (Lavastorm) a soulbound Sol Ro historian (Lavastorm) a soulbound Sol Ro remnant (Lavastorm) a soulbound Sol Ro seeker (Lavastorm) a speck rumbler (Lavastorm) a void-touched bastion of Ro (Lavastorm) a void-touched juvenile lava crawler (Lavastorm) a void-touched Sootfoot whelp (Lavastorm) a voidflame hall monitor (Lavastorm) a voidflame lore collector (Lavastorm) a voidflame mage-slaver (Lavastorm) a voidflame soulkeeper (Lavastorm) a vulcanu gaper (Lavastorm) a vulcanu slayer (Lavastorm) an ardent colossus (Lavastorm) an astir basalt rumbler (Lavastorm) Asphyxia (Lavastorm) Blaize's Remains (Lavastorm) Enraged Volcanu Matriarch (Lavastorm) Fire Toad (Lavastorm) Griblic Flametosser (Lavastorm) Hibrit Nikaorf (Lavastorm) Pumice (Lavastorm) The Fiery Apparition (Lavastorm) Tinder Gringle (Lavastorm) Tyrock Cleaver (Lavastorm) Vulsyth Da`gar (Lavastorm)

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