Fizza Cogsworth

Fizza Cogsworth

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Tinkering Merchant
Race Gnome
Zone Steamfont Mountains (Echoes of Faydwer)
Location west area of Gnomeland Security Headquarters ( -517, 175, 1034 ) /waypoint -517, 175, 1034 Eq2map


Apprentice Blueprints 0.0014s 80c
Apprentice Blueprints 0.0024s 80c
Apprentice Blueprints 0.0034s 80c
Apprentice Blueprints 0.0044s 80c
Apprentice Blueprints 0.0054s 80c
Apprentice Blueprints 0.0064s 80c
Apprentice Blueprints 0.00719s 20c
Apprentice Blueprints 0.00819s 20c
Apprentice Blueprints 0.00919s 20c
Apprentice Blueprints 0.01019s 20c
Apprentice Blueprints 0.01119s 20c
Basic Coal6c
Blueprint: Advanced Trichromatic Adornment Dislodger23g 32s 80c
Blueprint: Basic Trichromatic Adornment Dislodger23g 32s 80c
Dabbler's Blueprints 0.00119s 20c
Dabbler's Blueprints 0.00219s 20c
Dabbler's Blueprints 0.00376s 80c
Dabbler's Blueprints 0.00476s 80c
Dabbler's Blueprints 0.00576s 80c
Dabbler's Blueprints 0.00676s 80c
Dabbler's Blueprints 0.00776s 80c
Dabbler's Blueprints 0.0083g 7s 20c
Dabbler's Blueprints 0.0093g 7s 20c
Dabbler's Blueprints 0.0103g 7s 20c
Effulgent Coal1g 80s
Ethereal Coal1g 56s
Experimenter's Blueprints 0.0013g 7s 20c
Experimenter's Blueprints 0.0023g 7s 20c
Experimenter's Blueprints 0.0033g 7s 20c
Experimenter's Blueprints 0.0044g 60s 80c
Experimenter's Blueprints 0.0054g 60s 80c
Experimenter's Blueprints 0.0064g 60s 80c
Experimenter's Blueprints 0.0074g 60s 80c
Experimenter's Blueprints 0.0086g 91s 20c
Experimenter's Blueprints 0.0096g 91s 20c
Experimenter's Blueprints 0.0106g 91s 20c
Glimmering Coal3s 84c
Glowing Coal24c
Lambent Coal23s 4c
Luminous Coal15s 36c
Master's Blueprints 0.0016g 91s 20c
Master's Blueprints 0.0026g 91s 20c
Master's Blueprints 0.00310g 36s 80c
Master's Blueprints 0.00410g 36s 80c
Master's Blueprints 0.00510g 36s 80c
Master's Blueprints 0.00610g 36s 80c
Master's Blueprints 0.00710g 36s 80c
Master's Blueprints 0.00810g 36s 80c
Master's Blueprints 0.00915g 55s 20c
Master's Blueprints 0.01015g 55s 20c
Master's Blueprints 0.01115g 55s 20c
Master's Blueprints 0.01215g 55s 20c
Master's Blueprints 0.01315g 55s 20c
Scintillating Coal36s 56c
Smoldering Coal1g
Sparkling Coal96c
Thaumic Coal3g

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