Skill Fishing These nodes are collected with the Fishing Skill. They produce Fish. There are no rare fish.


Min Skill: 1

Type Item
Fishfrog leg

Zone Node Name
The Cavesvariety of fish
The Forest Ruinsarray of fish
Oakmyst Forestcluster of fish
The Peat Bogassortment of fish
The Graveyardnone
The Ruinsnone
The Sprawlnone
Sunken Citycollection of fish
Greater Faydarkschool of fish
Darklight Wood (East)searing trout
Timorous Deepschool of saltfin


Min Skill: 20

Type Item
Fishfreewater grouper
Fishraw crab meat
Imbueglowing material

Zone Node Name
Antonicashoal of fish
Vale of the Shatteringnone
The Commonlandsband of fish
Greater Faydarkschool of fish
Darklight Wood (West) none
Timorous Deepschool of tiger barbs


Min Skill: 90

Type Item
Fishseafury mackerel
Fishthicket crayfish
Imbuesparkling material

Zone Node Name
The Thundering Steppesmob of fish
Nektulos Forestswarm of fish
Eternal Gorgenone
Butcherblock Mountainsplethora of fish


Min Skill: 140

Type Item
Fishmurkwater carp
Fishshark fin
Imbueglimmering material

Zone Node Name
Zek, the Orcish Wastesfury of fish
Cove of Decayfury of fish
Enchanted Landsthrong of fish
Bloodskull Valleyband of fish
Steamfont Mountainssteamvent coral


Min Skill: 190

Type Item
Fishcauldron blowfish
Fishconger eel
Imbueluminous material

Zone Node Name
Everfrostclamor of fish
Lavastormbrood of fish
Rivervalebedlam of fish
The Feerrotthatch of fish
Steamfont Mountainsspawning shoal


Min Skill: 240

Type Item
Fishnerius trout
Fishtiger shrimp
Imbuelambent material

Zone Node Name
The Sinking Sandsclutch of fish
The Pillars of Flamecluster of fish
The Lesser Faydarkfreshwater carp


Min Skill: 250

Type Item
Fishflying fish
Imbuescintillating material

Zone Node Name
Tenebrous Tangleschool of flying fish
The Barren Skycrowd of fish
The Bonemirenone
Loping Plainschurning school


Min Skill: 340

Type Item
Fishking prawn
ImbueSmoldering material

Zone Node Name
Kylong Plainssouthshore school
Fens of Nathsaromenfish school
Kunzar Junglevenom flow catch
Jarsath Wastesa briney catch
Moors of Ykeshaspotted whitesurf fish


Min Skill: 375

Type Item
Fishgiant octopus meat
Fishseahorse roe
Imbueethereal material

Zone Node Name
The Hole?
The Stonebrunt Highlandsschool of tiny fish
The Sundered Frontierschool of tiny fish


Min Skill: ?
[Vesspyr Isles missing]


Min Skill: ?

Type Item
Fishfresh thresher fin

Zone Node Name
Tranquil Seaa shiver of threshers


Min Skill: ?
[Thalumbra, the Ever Deep missing]