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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Sundered Splitpaw
Journal Level Scales with player level upto level 60
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Sundered Splitpaw: Splitpaw Den more
How to Start Click on a malfunctioning terraporter at ( -7, -62, -321 ) /waypoint -7, -62, -321 and enter Sundered Splitpaw: Alone in the Dark. Immediately upon entry you will receive the quest prompt.
part of: Splitpaw Saga Timeline
Preceded by:
A Darkened Shard
Followed by:
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  1. Fight your way to an explosive barrel somewhere along your preordained route and use it to blow up a destructible wall, also along your given route.
  2. When the wall is destroyed you will have access the central cavern; walk up to around ( -34, -41, -128 ) /waypoint -34.38, -40.50, -128.05 to receive an update. If solo, you can engage Animator Mezmolar and complete the quest. If in a group, wait or go help your fellow group-mates along their paths - and then engage Animator Mezmolar together.


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