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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Commonlands more
How to Start Speak with Diana Heartstrings in The Commonlands right outside WFP gate ( -1101, -60, 52 ) /waypoint -1100.53, -59.88, 52
Preceded by:
Followed by:
Bouquet of Trust
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  1. You will be sent to speak with several people in West Freeport and one in North Freeport.
    • Zak Silvanus ( 296, -4, 16 ) /waypoint 296, -4, 16 is a hardworking guy, with a sense of humor. He prizes inner beauty. (Near the Champion's Coliseum, in the back)
    • Vixxi Starguide ( -100, -21, -83 ) /waypoint -100, -21, -83 is attracted to tall broad-shouldered men. Brains aren't everything! (Inside the Jade Tiger Inn, in North Freeport)
    • Marjorie Falconius ( 202, -3, 69 ) /waypoint 202, -3, 69 is a very good provisioner, and is quite proud of the culinary masterpieces she makes. (Near the Champion's Coliseum, facing the Dreadnaught Plaza)
    • Amund MacRae ( 155, 0, 123 ) /waypoint 155, 0, 123 interests include cards, ale and women. (Inside the Freeport Militia House, third floor)
    • Lysndra ( 34, -12, 91 ) /waypoint 34, -12, 91 is a very active Kerra. She finds hard work rewarding, and has several hobbies to keep herself busy even when she is not working. (Inside the Coalition of Tradesfolk, second floor)
    • Beldrin Findlebolt ( 27, -18, 82 ) /waypoint 27, -18, 82 is a male that excels at tinkering and enjoys good food. (Inside the Coalition of Tradesfolk, first floor)
    • Colt Longpier ( 133, -4, -84 ) /waypoint 133, -4, -84 is a lighthearted guy. He is an outdoor enthusiast, and has a soft spot for animals. (Inside the Eldar Stables and Livery)
    • Tyluna Whittlebit ( 199, -2, -118 ) /waypoint 199, -2, -118 enjoys carving figurines and experiencing nature. Cats hold a special place in her heart. (Inside the Freeport Reserve)
  2. After speaking to each, return to the Priestess who will then ask you how to match them all. The pairs are:
    • Zak and Lysndra both appreciate industry and hard work.
    • Tyluna and Colt share a love for animals.
    • Amund and Vixxi each admire fine physical specimens.
    • Marjorie will please Beldrin with her cooking.
  3. Speak with Diana Heartstrings again to finish the quest
    • Note: If you don't answer the matches right you will have to do the whole Quest again


Icon Heart This article refers to events, personae, items and activities only present in-game during the annual Erollisi Day festivities, which come to Norrath each year for a short time roughly around February 14th.