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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Palace of the Awakened  (AA)
Journal Level 71 (Tier 8)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Palace of the Awakened more
How to Start Starts by reading a note on a pillar in Palace of the Awakened
part of: Palace of the Awakened Timeline
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Followed by:

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Starting the QuestEdit

On the third floor of Palace of the Awakened, take the hallway west past the Shimmering Repulsors to The Workshop of Naar'Yora. Climb up the wall to the fourth floor Nest of the Skylords. Examine the note on the pillar of the elevator at ( 152, 82, -4 ) /waypoint 152, 82, -4 to start the quest.


  • Head up the elevator to the Erudition Aviary (room with the Bloodscale Dreadknights). Work your way around the edge of the room and examine "a loose scroll" on the floor at the 4 locations below.
    • "Talon to Talon" ( 133, 103, 10 ) /waypoint 132.85, 103.17, 9.56
    • "Wind Exploitation" ( 178, 103, 35 ) /waypoint 177.89, 103.17, 34.88
    • "Wings, Flights and Formations" ( 187, 103, 31 ) /waypoint 186.72, 103.17, 31.01
    • "Land Hopping and Bypassing Future Objectives" ( 186, 103, -32 ) /waypoint 186.15, 103.17, -32.44


  • At least 13g 85s 15c
  • Completing this quest gives +50 faction with The Windgazer
  • AA Experience

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