Feerrott Timeline
Recommended Levels 35 to 42
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: The Feerrott
Preceded by: Zek Timeline
Followed by: Everfrost Timeline
Ghassan the Trader Timeline

The Feerrott is an outdoor zone for levels 35-45. It is dense with monsters and complicated to travel around, but is full of solo quests, and will teach you to be a better solo player.

Note: The Feerrott has no merchants beyond the starting area. However, The Hidden Village of Kugup is connected to the far end of the Feerrott, and it has merchants inside. Very useful for anyone who spends much time in the Feerrott. To gain access to this village, complete the Froglok Timeline.

Access QuestEdit


Boulden Smitestone

  1. In Search of the Feerrott (34)
  2. Protect the Priest's Ship! (34)


Slaughtergrott the Vigilant

  1. In Search of the Feerrott (34)
  2. Protect the Priest's Ship! (34)

Feerrott Main Quest Line Edit

There are separate versions of each quest in this timeline for good and evil people, but they are equivalent - good and evil people can work together on them. Regardless of your alignment, there are four solo quest lines for you, which can be worked on simultaneously.

For Qeynos, Kelethin, and New Halas citizens

Camp is to the right when leaving beach tunnel.

Cleansing of the Cove
Tarin Varinblade

  1. Local Neighbors (38)
  2. Cartography Fun (38)
  3. Fauna of the Deep Jungle (38)
  4. Feerrott Who's Who (38)
  5. Cleansing of the Cove (39)

Thulian quest line
Grimble Blumble

  1. Blumble Family Tradition (38)
  2. Snakes, He Hates Snakes (38)
  3. Touch of Evol (39)
  4. The Bone Collector (40)
  5. Thulian Thieves (40)

Research quest line
Vashazdar Manoisti - Harvesting skills of 190+ required

  1. Pick and Choose (38)
  2. Fern Memories (38)
  3. Sense of Style (40)
  4. Feeling of the Fauna (40)

Diplomacy quest line
Gretchen Spiritstorm

  1. Taste of Thule (36)
  2. Beasts of War (38)
  3. War of Fear (40)
  4. Path of War (42)
  5. Hand of War - Eye of Fear (44)
  6. Broken Fist of War (44)

For Freeport, Neriak, and Gorowyn citizens

Camp is to the left when leaving beach tunnel.

Cleansing of the Cove
Mashara Tiogran

  1. Ingredients List (38)
  2. Strategic Point (38)
  3. Ingredient List Two (38)
  4. Test Subjects (38)
  5. Cleansing of the Cove (39)

Thulian quest line
Krozk Bonebraka

  1. Feed Me (38)
  2. Snakes, She Loves Snakes (38)
  3. Lizard Food (39)
  4. Present for the Wife (40)
  5. They Stole My Food (40)

Research quest line
Cvaka Zichovani - Harvesting skills of 190+ required

  1. Research Items (38)
  2. Ouch Ferns (38)
  3. Flower Picking (40)
  4. The Plague? (40)

Diplomacy quest line
Malkin X'Davai

  1. Heart Experimentation (36)
  2. The Test (38)
  3. Raise the Stakes (40)
  4. Allies? (42)
  5. Hand of War (44)
  6. Shattered Hand (44)

Other Solo Quests in the FeerrottEdit

After passing through the beach tunnel, click a small totem beside the path to be offered the quest A Vision of Fear. This quest will take you to many of the major landmarks in the front half of The Feerrott.

Anrev Kaelyna

Ambassador Zozor

Food for Thought While you are out here, it's not a bad idea to pick up a snack! Talk to Reza, who stands at random locations on the wall of the first valley (he can be near the good camp or the evil camp). His first 2 quests each reward level 50 Superior food.

Japhet L'Zon - found at the Pyramid of Fear

Kai Vhri'Jah

Book Quests

Item Triggered

Removed QuestsEdit

Book QuestsEdit

These quests used to be regular book quests, but were removed. The books are now obtained through new collection quests.

Heroic QuestsEdit

These heroic quests are generally soloable around level 50.

Larg BuchananEdit

  1. Mysterious Fears (45, Heroic)

General FandrakEdit

  1. The Soul of Tarinax (35, Heroic)
  2. Hearts of Ice (40)
  3. The Horn of Phrotis (45) - to Permafrost

Kai Vhri'JahEdit

  1. The Mark of the Adumbrate (40, Heroic)