Fallen Gate Timeline
Recommended Levels 18 to 25
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Heroic
Starts in: Fallen Gate
Preceded by: Commonlands Timeline
Wailing Caves Timeline
Followed by: Nektulos Forest Timeline

Access QuestEdit

There are optional access quests for this dungeon. They are no longer required anymore as most classic access quests.

  1. Key to Fallen Gate (18)
  2. Delving into Fallen Gate (23)
  3. Journal Translation for Tundis N'oxyle (19)
  4. Prayer Journal Retrieval (25)

NPC QuestsEdit

Leatherfoot Brigade series Edit

The Sarge

  1. Charge of the Leatherfoot Brigade - Tippytoe (22)
  2. Charge of the Leatherfoot Brigade - Doopy (22)
  3. Charge of the Leatherfoot Brigade - Frambert (22)
  4. Charge of the Leatherfoot Brigade - The Sarge (24)

Mr. Burpbelly series Edit

Logan Belchbottom

  1. Lost Friend in Fallen Gate (24) - from Logan Belchbottom
  2. Kill 'em All (19) - repeatable, limit:2

Other quests Edit

V'Tal Narin

  1. Narin Heirloom (20)

Item-Triggered QuestsEdit

Access QuestEdit

  1. Searching the Depths of Fallen Gate (25) - access quest for Vault of the Fallen
  2. Breaking the Seal to the Inner Sanctum (27) - access quest for Vault of the Fallen

Memorial seriesEdit

Examine a Purse of Offering (uncommon drop) and receive one of the four following quests:

Other Item-Triggered QuestsEdit

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