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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Pillars of Flame  (AA)
Journal Level 57 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Pillars of Flame more
How to Start Shing Ho
part of: Ashen Disciples Timeline
Preceded by:
Of Sentries and Scribes
Followed by:
Disciples Edicts

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Steps Edit

  1. Speak to Jin Li in the other end of The Pillars of Flame north west of The Sun Spires. ( 1550, -114, -1200 ) /waypoint 1550, -114, -1200
  2. Kill the encounter that spawns directly east of Jin Li ( 1515, 0, -1205 ) /waypoint 1515, 0, -1205: a solo harpy named Erilis Windsister and some adds (level 57). Be careful of the heroic mobs that patrol this area.
    • Note: if you don't kill the Erilis Windsister encounter at this time, and need to spawn it again later, you must delete the quest from your journal and restart it by talking to Shing Ho. (19/07/11 - did not kill them first time and returned and they were still active and I could kill them and got update)
  3. Return to Shing Ho.

Rewards Edit


This Quest Will Only Be Offered to Evil Aligned Characters.