About The TermEdit

Fabled is the label you may see when you R click on an item and examine it. Becuase it appears in the examine window, it is sometimes called a flag or a tag by players. It is assigned to the rarest and most powerful items that are normally encountered in Everquest 2.

The incidence rate of fabled items varies depending on the zone, but it is usually very uncommon. You'll also find that as you level goes up, the rarity of items tends to increase. That is to say that the higher the tier zones are less likely to yield Fabled items than those of a lower tier.

Fabled items can be so rare that some characters go from level 1 to max level without ever encountering them.


  • Master spells and combat arts are flagged as Fabled. They are generally more common than fabled gear.
  • Fabled items are uncommonly dropped by most bosses of heroic dungeons and raids.
  • Fabled items are rarely dropped by trash monsters in most heroic dungeons and raids.
  • A small number of raid bosses are guaranteed to drop fabled items.
  • Most older zones from prior to Echoes of Faydwer have a list of fabled items that can drop extremely rarely from common non-heroic mobs. These items drop so rarely that some have never been discovered.

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