Everfrost Timeline
Recommended Levels 40 to 50
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Everfrost
Preceded by: Feerrott Timeline

Zek Timeline

Followed by: Sinking Sands Timeline

Peacock Club Timeline

These quests take place in Everfrost and are suitable for characters of level 40-50. This is a very good timeline to "bridge the gap" between the mid-level zones and the Desert of Flames timelines.

  • Note: Everfrost has received a quest revamp for LU48.

Everstorm BayEdit

At Dock (Stormedge Isle)Edit

Brahnagan MacLahnan

  1. The Stories of Everfrost (41) - unlocks quest line from Li Ning Ventur
  2. Cull the Threat to the Pioneers (41)
  3. Further Culling (42)
  4. Supplies for the Pioneers (43) - leads to Bitterwind Pioneer's Encampment series

Li Ning Ventur

  1. A Pioneer without a Wagon (42) - unlocked during The Stories of Everfrost
  2. The Gift of a Token (42)
  3. Uncertainties in the Deep (42)

Burm Grunthor

Marta Terrilon

Master T'Lys

On the island west of dock - Icespire Summit access quest

  1. Following inspect gravestone on island west of dock:
  2. The Fate of Karg Icebear (40), after finishing all the grave quests
  3. Karg's Gratitude (45)

Seth McMannus
Same island with all the gravestones. He isn't always up.

  1. The Legacy of Seth McMannus (42) - heroic

Other quests found around the dock

Under the Dock - Miragul's Menagerie access quest

  1. In Search of a Menagerie (48) - inspect pile of bones on dry land beneath south dock, at ( -43, -17, 146 ) /waypoint -43, -17, 146
    1. The Spirit of Arctic Doom (48)
    2. The Spirit of the Frigid Pine (46)
    3. The Spirit of Polar Lights (48)
    4. The Spirit of Wintry Mist (48)

Bitterwind Trench Edit

Emery Seastrider - near Everstorm Bay

At Bitterwind Pioneer's Encampment Edit

Thala Rohquilin

  1. Thar Be Wolves (42)
  2. Thar Also Be Bears (43)

Sarissa Icechyld

  1. Lettuce Eat Our Vegetables (42)
  2. The Tender Flesh of the Icewolf (43)
  3. Shear Boredom (44)
  4. Patent Leather Lizards (44)
  5. A Horn Aplenty (45)

Thyr Stormhammer

  1. Scouting the Jagged Plains (44)
  2. Peace with the Valkyries (44)
  3. A Favor for the Valkyries (45) - from Idona
  4. Frozen Family Ties (44) - leads to Hollowfrost Grove series

At Jagged Plains Edit

Hollowfrost Grove Edit

Snowsworn's Hunter's Outpost Edit

Trapper Stu Wart

  1. Toxifying the Trogs (47)
  2. Trapfinding (47)
  3. The Ferocity of the Tundra (47) - leads you to Guardian's Gulch series

Berviel Yolwynon

  1. The Fate of the World Tree (47)
  2. Save the Root! (47)
  3. Strike the Final Blow (47) - sent to Shaman Snowfell after this quest

Shaman Snowfell
These two quests are alternate endings to the questline and cannot both be completed. Note: As of February 2013, Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged rewards a ring, whereas Lying Trogs! rewards only coin.

Baldus Stormhammer

  1. Treasures of the Shiverfang (47)
  2. They Give Me the Shivers (47)
  3. Constructive Constructs (48)

Becka Snowsworn

Guardian's Gulch Edit

The Ruined Homestead Edit

Inon McCoven

  1. What a Chore (48) - repeatable harvesting quest

Seamus McCoven

  1. Protecting What's Left (48)
  2. Piecing Together the Remains (48)
  3. Honor through Rebuilding (48)
  4. Making Use of the Local Wildlife (48)
  5. Kromise Steel (48)

Areth Windvell

  1. A Giant Size Serving of Revenge (48)
  2. Collapse the Caverns (48)
  3. Hints of an Alliance (48)
  4. And Your Goblin Too! (48)

Icegill Lagoon Edit

Rainscour - at bottom of cliff below The Lady's View

  1. Vengeance ist Rainscour's! (48)
  2. A False Show of Support (48)
  3. Widding Us of Webclaw (49)

Dropped/Inspected Quests Edit


Removed Book QuestsEdit

These quests used to be regular book quests, but were removed. The books are now obtained through new collection quests.

Removed QuestsEdit

Faddar Waldgrave

  1. The Spirit of Halas (48) - removed by Update:48

Student's PathEdit

Object-Triggered QuestsEdit

Item-Triggered QuestsEdit