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Kunark Ascending

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Icon-news News
  • Chillispike

    The Days of Summer have arrived in Norrath! Visitors to the spire island in the Sundered Frontier can meet Yun Zi, The Great Traveler, who will offer weekly quests that unlock Days of Summer rewards. Reward eligibility is account wide, so once a que…

    Read more >
  • Chillispike

    It's summertime, which means warmer temperatures, picnics, and of course – Ethereals in EverQuest 2 have begun!

    During these events, when you complete a mission in Kunark Ascending expert zones you’ll receive Sathirian Ethereal coins. Each character …

    Read more >
  • Chillispike

    The Guise of Pursuit will be available on May 9nd, with GU103: The Menagerie.
    Once you have completed an Epic 2.0 quest on any character, you will now be able to purchase the Guise of Pursuit for your alternate characters on the same account. This b…

    Read more >

Did you know... Writs are special types of quests that award personal status points instead of coin or treasure rewards. Status points can be used to purchase items from City Merchants, pay rent on some houses and help level up your Guild.

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