"Evac", short for "evacuation", describes fast-casting teleportation spells that remove the user and sometimes nearby group members to a preset (by the EQ2 designers) safe location in the zone or just outside it. They can be cast in combat to escape if things go wrong, or used to shorten travel times.

These evacuation abilities used to have varying effect radii, but have been changed across the board to affect anyone in your group within 50 meters.

Evac abilities include:

Class Spell Level Target Casting Recast
Scout Escape 25 Group within 50m 3 sec 15 min
Wizard Portal 24 Self 3 sec 15 min
Wizard Depart 38 Group within 50m 3 sec 15 min
Warden Verdurous Journey 39 Group within 50m 3 sec 15 min
Shadowknight Shadowy Elusion 44 Group within 50m 3 sec 30 min

Other ways

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