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EverQuest II Prestige Information
Prestige » Coercer Prestige
Energy Redirection Rank (*/3)
Prestige 1 point
Requires at least Level 90 and 280 AAs to unlock Prestige Points
When casting hostile spells, the mage has a chance to increase the group's maximum health, power and the amount they are healed for when a healing spell is cast.
Passive Spell
  • On a hostile spell cast this spell may cast Enchanted Overflow on caster Lasts for 10.0 seconds. Triggers about X times per minute.
    • Increases Max Health of group members (AE) by 2.0%
    • Increases Max Power of group members (AE) by 2.0%
    • This effect can be stacked by multiple casters.
    • Increases healing received by 2.00%


  • rank 1 Trigger chance is 1.0 times per minute
  • rank 2 Trigger chance is 2.0 times per minute
  • rank 3 Trigger chance is 3.0 times per minute

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