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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Fens of Nathsar  (AA)
Journal Level 73 (Tier 8)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Fens of Nathsar more
How to Start Talk to Rantiri Skelbre at The Sheet ( -2655, -412, -2667 ) /waypoint -2655, -412, -2667
part of: The Order of Rime Timeline
Preceded by:
Infiltration System
Followed by:
Enter the Jungle
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What does this information mean?


  • You must have (and use) the illusion item given to you during the quest Infiltration System, active... or have a faction with Order of Rime of -10,000 or better, in order to get this quest.


  1. Fire elementals at ( -218, 61, -2009 ) /waypoint -218, 61, -2009 in the Mines of Nurga, take an immediate right when you enter, then in the pool at the bottom of the ladder that leads to Nu'roga, a magma scolder spawns and attacks you, kill for the update. Fly to post Ruins of Cabilis or Drogan Exile Camp.
  2. Get three Earth Elementals at the area around ( 293, -122, 415 ) /waypoint 293, -122, 415 from An omensplinter clomper. (They can actually be found anywhere along the coast between south east of the Lake Ruins and just north of Omen's Call). NOTE: Clompers appear to be on same spawns as crabs and fish - mass slaughter if they're not up. ADDED: Try killing all 3 pincers (crabs) in the area and after about 5 minutes, check ( 288, -128, 722 ) /waypoint 287.51, -128.25, 721.57 for a Clomper. The crabs span from the previous loc up northward near the shore to ( 235, -122, 281 ) /waypoint 234.9, -122.43, 281.01
  3. Air elemental at ( 397, -88, -186 ) /waypoint 397, -88, -186 on top of big rock, drops from a whirling guster.
  4. Water elemental at ( 422, -120, 408 ) /waypoint 422, -120, 408 from a docile water elemental.
  5. Return to Rantiri Skelbre at The Sheet


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