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Everquest 2 features a lot of sly jokes, references, and the occasional hidden surprise.

Hidden QuestsEdit

See the Hidden Quests page.

Backwards or Anagram NamesEdit

Backwards NamesEdit

In many places you may notice that an odd name is actually much less odd when read backwards:

Anagram NamesEdit

  • Deities
    • The Mother of All, Tunare (nature)
    • The Winter Goddess, E'ci (ice)
    • The Fathom Lord, Tarew Marr (water)
    • The Veiled One, Povar (vapor)
    • The Queen of Air, Xegony (oxygen)
    • The Council, Rathe (earth)
    • The Mother of All Wurms, Veeshan (heavens)
    • The Prime Healer, Rodcet Nife (fine docter) (misspelled!)
    • The Tyrant of Fire, Fennin Ro (infernno) (misspelled!)
  • Others


  • Sa'ib Waseem's incantations at the end of Epic Repercussions
    • EKAT EHT REWOP OS LACIHTYM - Take the power so mythical
    • EVAEL TI TCATNI DNA TNETOP - leave it intact and potent
    • TEL TI EDISER NIHTIW WEN LESSEV - let it reside within new vessel
    • TI SI TON OT EDARGED RO HSINIMID - it is not to degrade or diminish


Other GamesEdit






Popular CultureEdit

References to SOE Staff and EQ2 PlayersEdit

  • The Tower of Vhalen recalls Tony "Vhalen" Garcia, developer of the foundation lore of Norrath.
  • The Peat Bog features guards named Blackguard and Moorguard after Ryan "Blackguard" Shwayder, community manager, and developer Steve "Moorgard" Danuser.
  • Several Kunark tradeskill writ recipes are named for familiar folks:
    • Fyreflyte's Daunting Decision (Journeyman) for developer Jason "Fyreflyte" Woerner.
    • Rothgar's Tiny Hut (Journeyman) for Lead programmer Greg "Rothgar" Spence.
    • Archonix's Calculation (Apprentice IV) for game designer Chris "Archonix" Junior.
    • Saavedra's Instant Illusion (Apprentice IV) for game designer Steve "Saavedra" Kramer .
  • Niami Denmother of EQ2 Trader's Corner is immortalized in the Provisioner recipe, Denmother's Trail Mix.
  • Calthine at ZAM gets a nod in the recipe Calthine's Eternal Optimism.
  • The poison Translucent Torment of Rijacki is a tribute to EQ2 Alchemy's Rijacki Torment.
  • The NPCs who join your group in The Hole: The Outer Vault are named among others after devs Paul "Cronyn" Molina, Emily C. "Domino" Taylor, Kyle "Kander" Vallee, Greg "Rothgar" Spence and Jason "Fireflyte" Woerner.


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