Skill Foresting These nodes are collected with the Foresting Skill. They produce Woods.


Min Skill: 1

Type Item
Wood (Common)severed elm
Wood (Rare)severed alder

Zone Node Name
Queen's Colonyfelled elm tree
Outpost of the Overlordfelled elm tree
The Cavesfetid arbor
The Forest Ruinsaged arbor
Oakmyst Forestgrizzled arbor
The Peat Bogdense felled arbor
The Graveyardwithered arbor
The Ruinsgangly arbor
The Sprawlfelled arbor
Sunken Citydecomposed arbor
Greater Faydarkfallen branch
Darklight Wood (East)felled wood
Timorous Deepfelled lumber


Min Skill: 20

Type Item
Wood (Common)severed maple
Wood (Rare)Severed Bone
Imbueglowing material

Zone Node Name
Antonicawind felled tree
Vale of the Shatteringwind felled tree
The Commonlandswind felled tree
Greater Faydarkmoss covered branch
Darklight Wood (West)dark fir
Timorous Deepfallen palm


Min Skill: 90

Type Item
Wood (Common)severed ash
Wood (Rare)Severed Fir
Imbuesparkling material

Zone Node Name
The Thundering Steppesfelled high plains arbor
Nektulos Forestputrescent duskwood arbor
Eternal Gorgefelled desert arbor
Butcherblock Mountainsaxe-felled lumber


Min Skill: 140

Type Item
Wood (Common)severed briarwood
Wood (Rare)Severed Oak
Imbueglimmering material

Zone Node Name
Zek, the Orcish Wastesmarred arbor
Cove of Decaymarred arbor
Enchanted Landswretched arbor
Bloodskull Valleywind felled tree
Steamfont Mountainsverdant timber


Min Skill: 190

Type Item
Wood (Common)severed teak
Wood (Rare)Severed Cedar
Imbueluminous material

Zone Node Name
Everfrostcorroded arbor
Lavastormdecrepit arbor
Rivervalecorrupted arbor
The Feerrottputrid arbor
Steamfont Mountainsearthly timber


Min Skill: 240

Type Item
Wood (Common)severed sandalwood
Wood (Rare)Severed Ironwood
Imbuelambent material

Zone Node Name
The Sinking Sandsarid timber
The Pillars of Flamefallen branch
The Lesser Faydarkfelled pine


Min Skill: 250

Type Item
Wood (Common)rough lumbered rosewood
Wood (Rare)rough lumbered ebony
Imbuescintillating material

Zone Node Name
Tenebrous Tangletwisted wood
The Barren Skydustwood arbor
The Bonemireosseous lumber
Loping Plainsslate lumber


Min Skill: 340

Type Item
Wood (Common)redwood lumber
Wood (Rare)mahogany lumber
ImbueSmoldering material

Zone Node Name
Kylong Plainscalcified timber
Fens of Nathsarwarslik timber
Kunzar Jungleemerald jungle timber
Jarsath Wastessundrenched cordwood
Moors of Ykeshableached timber


Min Skill: ?

Type Item
Wood (Common)sumac lumber
Wood (Rare)eucalyptus lumber
Imbueethereal material

Zone Node Name
The Hole[information needed]
The Stonebrunt HighlandsToxxulia timber
The Sundered FrontierToxxulia timber


Min Skill: ?

Type Item
Wood (Common)Swamp ash lumber
Wood (Rare)Bubinga lumber,
Etherwood lumber
Imbue[information needed]

Zone Node Name
Vesspyr Islesethernere lumber


Min Skill: ?

Type Item
Wood (Common)larix lumber
Wood (Rare)araucaria lumber

Zone Node Name
Tranquil Seafelled hardwood

T11 Edit

Min Skill: ?

Type Item
Wood (Common)malduran lumber
Wood (Rare)[information needed]
Imbue[information needed]

Zone Node Name
Thalumbra, the Ever Deepdecaying timber