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Drinal is one of two (up until recently it believed that there were 3) moons that orbit Norrath. Its orbital path takes it roughly 24 hours, with the celestial body rising in the North and setting in the South. A solid body with a solid core, frozen water, minimal atmosphere and a desolate climate.[1][2]

History of DrinalEdit

Drinal is believed to have obtained its name from Drinal, the spirit deity of night, destruction, and death. It is said that when Drinal is full, the werewolves change and go on a bloodthirsty hunt from dusk until dawn.


  2. It should be noted, however, that the Tower of the Moon contains a third celestial body that many argue is a third, unacknowledged or undiscovered moon. Given the history of secrecy and magic surrounding the celestial bodies in Norrath's sky, it is still entirely possible for another moon to exist.

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