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\aITEM -431099349 612911224:Draconic Defender's Victory Feast\/a

From Recipe Draconic Knowledge: Draconic Defender's Victory Feast \aITEM 1268176981 -1644855244:Draconic Knowledge: Draconic Defender's Victory Feast\/a

Level 90 fighter food.

Increases STR and STA of target by 84.7

Give target an extra 1.0% mitigation to their worn armor

Target will Doge 3.0% of incomeing attacks

Increases Out-of-Combat Health Regeration of target by 247.8

Need: 1 banyan root, 1 Maligonian Horns, 20 effulgent kindline to make 25-100, that last for 3 hours 8 minutes each.

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