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Class Brigand Brigand Icon Icon Throwing Attack Icon Missing
Level 44
Category (Target) DD (Enemy)
 Casting Time  1.0 seconds
 Recast time  30 seconds
 Cost  61 power 
 Duration  Instant
 Range  2 to 25 meters
Brigand: Strangling Throw Spell Line
Level Spell Name
16 Strangling Throw
30 Maddening Throw
44 Rapid Throw
58 Flashy Throw
71 Double Throw
Two precise throwing attacks. If one of these attacks misses, the successive one will miss automatically. If all attacks hit, the target becomes knocked down. This requires a ranged throwing weapon.

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Effects Edit

  • Inflicts 170-283 ranged damage on target.
  • Inflicts 170-283 ranged damage on target.
  • Applies Knockdown on termination. Lasts for 4 seconds.
    • Blurs vision of target
    • Throws target back
    • Stuns target
    • If target is not epic
  • If Thrown Weapon equipped in ranged.

Additional Info Edit

This information is for the adept 1 version of Rapid Throw.

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