EverQuest II Prestige Information
Subclass Prestige » Inquisitor Subclass Prestige
Divine Waters Rank (*/1)
Subclass Prestige 2 points
Requires 20 points spent in the Inquisitor tree.
Heals the group over time and applies a second heal on termination. This spell can be toggled off early. If the spell is toggled off early, the second heal's effect will be multiplied by the number of ticks that were not used from the heal over time.
Target Group (AE)
Power 254
Casting 0.5 seconds
Recast 1 minute
Duration 15.0 seconds
Effect Radius 43.7 meters
  • Applies Divine Wave on termination. Lasts for 1.0 second.
    • Heals group members (AE) for U - V every second
    • The heal value will be multiplied by the number of unused ticks of Divine Waters
  • Heals group members (AE) for W - X
  • Heals group members (AE) for Y - Z every 1.5 seconds

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