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EverQuest II Alternate Advancement Information
AAs » Cleric AAs » Cleric's Wisdom line
Divine Demonstration Rank (*/10)
Wisdom 1 point
Requires Yaulp (Rank 1)
Inflicts tremendous damage on undead creatures that cannot be outright resisted.
Target Enemy
Power Scales
Casting 3.0 seconds
Recast 30.0 seconds
Range Up to 35.0 meters
Effect Radius 15.0 meters
  • Inflicts x-y damage on target encounter
  • If target is undead


Alternate Advancement Ability Effects by Ability Rank
Effect Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5 Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8 Rank 9 Rank 10
Divine damage amount

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