Qeynos Betrayal Timeline
1. Dissatisfied with Qeynos
2. The Concordium's Delivery
3. Unlocking the Plans
4. Destroy the Qeynosian Shield Generators
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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Betrayal  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Qeynos Harbor more
How to Start Speak to Sprockfuddle near the Qeynos Harbor Black Market broker at ( 894, -32, 28 ) /waypoint 894.23, -31.8, 28.47
part of: Qeynos Betrayal Timeline
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The Concordium's Delivery

What does this information mean?


The turn-in for this quest is after speaking to Sprockfuddle. To get the rest of the steps you have to speak to him again and he'll give you the quest "Trade Secrets," which contains steps 2-10 listed below.

  1. Sprockfuddle is located in the Smuggler's Grotto found by going underwater at ( 882, -26, 31 ) /waypoint 882, -26, 31 and traveling into the sewer entry.
  2. Speak to Vernon Tinworthy ( 807, -14, 42 ) /waypoint 807, -14, 42, on the top of the stairs (third floor) of Fish's Alehouse. He doesn't trust you, and sends you out to speak to several other people and to gain their trust.
  3. Speak to Mary Dillon ( 801, -23, 60 ) /waypoint 801, -23, 60 downstairs. Avoid asking about the shield, and instead console her about Thierry.
  4. Head to South Qeynos and speak to Thierry Dillon ( 620, -16, 225 ) /waypoint 620, -16, 225 wandering the streets. Choose the following in conversation:
  5. Speak to Ellinnea Umalia ( 647, -19, 144 ) /waypoint 647, -19, 144 across the bridge from the Concordium Tower. Flatter her and ask about Towser.
    1. "I've been talking to Mary Dillon."
    2. "I was under the impression you left her."
    3. "So what happened?"
    4. "Mary's still pinning away for you."
    5. "More worth while than your own wife?"
  6. Head to The Elddar Grove and speak to Towser Flizgibbert ( 692, -16, -456 ) /waypoint 692, -16, -456 near the bridge leading to The Baubbleshire. Ask about Ellinnea and flatter him.
    1. "I've heard about you from Ellinnea Umailia."
    2. "Sounds like you're a compassionate person. And a smart one!"
    3. "She's not a very friendly sort."
    4. "Ellinnea couldn't help boastings; a trasnparent effort to put you down, really."
    5. "Your device would be much better, I'm sure."
    6. "You're a genius, Flizgibbert!"
  7. Head north and speak to Arbuthnot Jumroller ( 788, -23, -529 ) /waypoint 787.63, -22.68, -528.55 In the Halfling area of the Qeynos Province District to the north of Towser. Praise Towser and ask about the truth potion.
    1. "You're friends with Towser Flizbiggert, aren't you?"
    2. "I hear Towser's a great teacher"
    3. "I met him through the design contest"
    4. "Truth Potion?"
  8. Head to North Qeynos and speak to Jo Ironshield ( 284, 17, -167 ) /waypoint 284, 17, -167 on a hill just north of the bank. Grill him and get the truth potion.
  9. Speak to Magus Weskah ( 332, -21, 148 ) /waypoint 332, -21, 148 in one of the small rooms at Irontoe's East.
  10. Return to Vernon Tinworthy at Fish's Alehouse in Qeynos Harbor, ( 807, -14, 42 ) /waypoint 807, -14, 42, with the information.


  • Experience Only


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