Skill Trapping These nodes are collected with the Trapping Skill. They produce Hides, Rare Hides, and Meats. There are no rare meats.


Min Skill: 1

Type Item
Meatdeer meat
Meatturtle meat
Hide (Common)rawhide leather pelt
Hide (Rare)waxed leather pelt

Zone Node Name
Queen's Colonycreature den
Outpost of the Overlordcreature den
The Cavescreature den
The Forest Ruinscreature den
Oakmyst Forestcreature den
The Peat Bogcreature den
The Graveyardcreature den
The Ruinscreature den
The Sprawlcreature den
Sunken Citycreature den
Greater Faydarkrodent den
Darklight Wood (East)creature den
Timorous Deepsmall nest


Min Skill: 20

Type Item
Meatelephant meat
Meatvulrich meat
Hide (Common)tanned leather pelt
Hide (Rare)cured leather pelt
Imbueglowing material

Zone Node Name
Antonicacritter den
Vale of the Shatteringcritter den
The Commonlandscritter den
Greater Faydarkferal animal den
Darklight Wood (West)unkempt nest
Timorous Deepunkempt nest


Min Skill: 90

Type Item
Meatpig meat
Meatlion meat
Hide (Common)boiled leather pelt
Hide (Rare)cuirboilli leather pelt
Imbuesparkling material

Zone Node Name
The Thundering Steppesbeast den
Nektulos Forestbeast den
Eternal Gorgebeast den
Butcherblock Mountainsvarmint den


Min Skill: 140

Type Item
Meatbear meat
Meatgriffon meat
Hide (Common)etched leather pelt
Hide (Rare)engraved leather pelt
Imbueglimmering material

Zone Node Name
Zek, the Orcish Wastesanimal den
Cove of Decayanimal den
Enchanted Landsanimal den
Bloodskull Valleycritter den
Steamfont Mountainsanimal den


Min Skill: 190

Type Item
Meatowlbear meat
Meatwyrm meat
Hide (Common)strengthened leather pelt
Hide (Rare)augmented leather pelt
Imbueluminous material

Zone Node Name
Everfrostanimal den
Lavastormblackened animal den
Rivervaleanimal den
The Feerrottanimal den
Steamfont Mountainsbeast den


Min Skill: 240

Type Item
Meatcaiman meat
Meatsabertooth meat
Hide (Common)stonehide leather pelt
Hide (Rare)scaled leather pelt
Imbuelambent material

Zone Node Name
The Sinking Sandsbeast den
The Pillars of Flamebeast den
The Lesser Faydarkvarmint burrow


Min Skill: 250

Type Item
Meataviak meat
Meatravasect meat
Hide (Common)horned leather pelt
Hide (Rare)dragonhide leather pelt
Imbuescintillating material

Zone Node Name
Tenebrous Tangletangled nest
The Barren Skysand crawler den
The Bonemireburrow
Loping Plainsbeast den


Min Skill: 340
While included here, T8 meats are only gained from body drops off mobs in T8 zones. T8 Den Nodes only produce pelts.

Type Item
Meatbrute meat
Meatdevourer meat
Meatdrachnid meat
Meathornet meat
Meatmountain giant meat
Hide (Common)bristled leather pelt
Hide (Rare)hidebound leather pelt
ImbueSmoldering material

Zone Node Name
Kylong Plainsvarmint burrow
Fens of Nathsarfield burrow
Kunzar Junglejungle beast den
Jarsath Wastesbadlands den
Moors of Ykeshamoor mole den


Min Skill: 375

Type Item
Meatfearstalker meat
Meatgazer meat
Meatroper sinew
Meatkobold meat
Hide (Common)mottled pelt
Hide (Rare)spotted pelt
Imbueethereal material

Zone Node Name
The Hole[information needed]
The Stonebrunt Highlandsa craggy lair
The Sundered Frontiera craggy lair


Min Skill: 425

Type Item
MeatRaptor meat,
Panther meat
Hide (Common)Thick bear pelt
Hide (Rare)Metallic reptile hide
Imbue[information needed]

Zone Node Name
Vesspyr Islesetherpine lair


Min Skill: 500

Type Item
MeatStringy meat
Hide (Common)Ragged leathery hide
Hide (Rare)Pristine leathery hide
ImbueIncandescent material

Zone Node Name
Tranquil Seaodon lair
Phantom Sea[information needed]


Min Skill: 500

Type Item
Hide (Common)abyssal pelt
Hide (Rare)umbral pelt
Imbue[information needed]

Zone Node Name
Thalumbra, the Ever Deep twisted lair