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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category ???  (AA)
Journal Level 82 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Halls of the Unseen more
How to Start Speak to Nyran Dudez at ( 25, 3, 49 ) /waypoint 25, 3, 49
part of: Dark Mail Gauntlets Timeline
Preceded by:
Mysterious Mark
Followed by:
Menial Tasks...
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What does this information mean?


While this quest is tagged as Heroic, it is possible to solo. Some players may not get a quest update if grouped with others on the quest; consider soloing the quest ungrouped if you are able.


  1. "I need to travel to Nektulos Forest and look for the drop point Nyran described!"
    Travel to Nektulos Forest
    1. Find a chest at ( -967, 1, -574 ) /waypoint -966.97, 1.36, -573.69. Right-click it and break the lock. Right click the chest again and loot it.
    2. You will be ambushed by 4 81-heroic Ebon Mask Ambushers when you break the lock. Kill them, followed by two more waves. Finally a ^^ named, Aastra L'Darlan will spawn. Kill her.
      • You can run off the bridge before they aggro you and pull from a distance. Each wave will wander close to the bridge and not auto aggro.
      • The last ^^ named is a bit of an undercon, it has a knock back that punts pretty far. There is however a tree on the east side of the bridge with enough girth to sit 'in' its roots and avoid the knock back with a little effort.
  2. Return to Nyran Dudez by returning to Butcherblock Mountains and clicking the barrel behind the docks ( 660, 24, 621 ) /waypoint 660, 24, 621 to enter Halls of the Unseen.


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