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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Maldura  (AA)
Journal Level 100 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Maldura: Algorithm For Destruction (Advanced Solo) more
How to Start Speak with Artificer Hodges ( -174, -2, 144 ) /waypoint -174.17, -1.53, 143.52.
part of: Terrors of Thalumbra Timeline
Preceded by:
Underdepths Saga: Zaphardt's Defenders
Followed by:

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  1. Speak to Artificer Hodges. Hodges may be found hiding behind a barrel ( -174, -2, 144 ) /waypoint -174.17, -1.53, 143.53 after killing Old Doclin in the Stone Mercantile District.
  2. Collect 5 empty flow-through phylacteries in the Stone Mercantile District near Artificer Hodges. (They look like yellow power cells.)
  3. Acquire large Malduran crystal shards in the Alcove of Reason.
    1. Click on the shard container ( -87, 13, 178 ) /waypoint -87.22, 13.27, 177.95 to activate the spidermech defenders.
    2. Kill all of the spidermech defenders to spawn X-O Arachmech. Loot the bodies if doing the Saga quest!
    3. Kill X-O Arachmech and loot an X-Electro-charged battery. (It's possible that X-O will fall below the terrain on it's death, especially if it's killed in the water, preventing the battery from being looted. If this happens, exit the instance and then re-enter to receive a new battery)
    4. Insert the X-Electro-charged battery into the shard container to receive the large Malduran crystal shards.
  4. Kill Stonerend.
    1. Go downstairs to the Waterworks: Aquifer Pumping Station ( 52, -7, 165 ) /waypoint 51.92, -6.84, 164.59.
    2. Immobilize Stonerend by killing any three of the four Dark Gears summoners. These necromancers start out non-aggro. Do not cast anything on the named, singular focus is your friend.
    3. Stay clear of the named, wait for a white circle to appear, then run to it and click to place a crystal shard there. Run out, and allow Stonerend to crush the crystals. He will take 20% damage each time, the 5th time you do that the remaining Dark Gear Summoner will attack you, kill him and Stonerend will fall apart.
  5. Fill the phylacteries.
    • Collect the shattered crystals by clicking on the crushed crystal shards.
    • Collect the blood from a dead Dark Gears summoner by clicking on it.
  6. Go back upstairs and destroy Black Bolt's force shield.
    1. Place the 5 phylacteries at marked places along the the bottom of the shield.
    2. Once all 5 are placed, the quest is finished and you can kill the 3 undead mobs: