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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Shattered Lands
Level Range 35-44
Access Quest The rusty key
Zone in from Zek, the Orcish Wastes
Parent Zone Deathfist Citadel
Difficulty Group
Failure Lockout [information needed]
Success Lockout [information needed]
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?

Left click Sewer Grate and select instance Deathfist Citadel: Onslaught.

This is an alternate version of the Deathfist Citadel, with the same layout but populated by very different mobs, including some new bosses. For example:

  1. In the sewers, there are:
    • mobs of 2x drowned prisoner 34^^^ (Heroic)
    • at the dead end canal a mob of 5x a flesh stripped prisoner 35
  2. In the mines:
    • mobs of 3x a pawn slave miner 34vv or 35vv
    • a deathfist elite guardsman 36v
  3. In the citadel:
    • a deathfist centurion 35^^ or 36^^
  4. In the barracks:
    • many a deathfist elite praetorian (37)
  5. In the bank:
    • a goblin bookie (36^^^)
  6. In the arena:
    • 2 sets of 4x an arena spectator (37,37^)
  7. In the kitchen (outside):
    • a cow (20^^^)
  8. In the western animal pens:
    • a cow (20^^^)
    • a swine (1^^) with 4x a baby swine (1vv)

etc. This is not a complete listing of the population!

Named Bosses:

  1. In the Bathhouse:
    • Mistress V'ram (37^^) with 3x a concubine (37)
  2. In the jail:
    • Jailor Grantok (36^^^) with an assistant jailor (36^^)
  3. At the Emperor's Throne (roof):
    • Pontiff Kurzot (40^^^) with 2x a Deathfist royal praetorian (40^^, 40^), and many other guards nearby


  1. Pigpen beside kitchen:
    • Squirt (pig)

Notably lacking:

  • No pot-shot taking archers on the citadel walls
  • No gong in the arena
  • The rope from the sewers up to the courtyard well doesn't work

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