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Darkblade's Lacerating (Armor Set) (Visible, Male) If you can, please take a screenshot of a female character (yourself or someone else) wearing this item, crop it, and upload it either as jpg or as png

Armor Set: Darkblade's Lacerating
No special bonus is gained by the wearing of multiple pieces of this set.

This is the DoV Armor Set (Tier 2) for Assassins that can be obtained via the Primal Velium Shard Mission System.

These pieces are available for vendor purchase from Cramnon Spirittalker at ( -685, -340, 2755 ) /waypoint -685, -340, 2755 designated as the <Armorsmith> in Eastern Wastes at Ry'Gorr Keep. They can also be created by crafters.

Note that the Darkblade's Lacerating Hauberk only drops from a mob. It can not be purchased or crafted. You can create it from a Tunic of Coagulated Primality which drops from Idol of Rallos Zek in The Temple of Rallos Zek


Legendary Armor Pieces
(If you know know a crafter who has acquired Far Seas Strategic Pricing (3rd Edition), Volume II, then you don’t need faction, and can spend only 20 shards)

Total set: 150 Primal Velium Shards

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