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Danak Shipyard
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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone Jarsath Wastes (Rise of Kunark)
Location Straight south of Danak's Battlement at the sea. ( -21, -33, 1143 ) /waypoint -21, -33, 1143

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Lift activation pyramid


  • Requires greater than -40,000 Faction with the Legion of Danak (Faction) to enter.
  • There is a sokokar post here at ( 37, -40, 1099 ) /waypoint 37, -40, 1099.
  • There are tradeskilling benches here. (Forge, Woodworker's Table, etc.)
  • There is a Norrathian Express mailbox here at ( -38, -43, 1167 ) /waypoint -38, -43, 1166.5.
  • Pages for the Collection Quest Tome: The Unclaimed Eye can be found in and around here.
  • There is a lift (activation pyramid shown) at ( -16, -43, 1215 ) /waypoint -15.5, -43, 1214.5 to take you up to the wall ramp that goes down to the sea. Possible port for ships in expansions.
  • There is a broker, Ssorn Stob near the sea end of the wall, behind the statues.


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In the water:

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