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EverQuest II Zone Information
Introduced Bloodline Chronicles
Level Range 30-35
Adjacent Zones Nektulos Forest
Instance Solo
Timelines none
Quests NPCs Monsters Named Monsters
Drops Instances POIs Discos

What does this information mean?

Description Edit

  • A moderate-sized instance consisting of a large cavern and two side caverns, containing dozens of encounters. Monsters are social.
  • There are two main versions:
    1. Unearthing - level 30-34 mobs. You must destroy about a dozen gravestones. Each one causes a level 32^ D'Morte family member to spawn. The last family member (Zendra) can drop an earring.
    2. Acquisition - level 33-35 mobs. Has a few boss mobs who can drop loot. One of them is behind a false wall behind the right-hand platform.
  • A third version, called Veiled Hollow (level 38-40 mobs) becomes available as part of the 11th and last quest of the Brethren of Night path in the Timber Falls Series' of the Bloodline Chronicles Timeline.

Entrance Edit

The entrance is to the left of Gul'Thex Citadel, in Nektulos Forest. ( 680, 0, -620 ) /waypoint 680, 0, -620

  • To enter Unearthing version, right click on the entrace and select use, you will receive Band of T'Haen. Once you have it, inspect it. First visit Gul'Thex citadel to advance the quest, then you can enter.
    • Unearthing CAN be entered immediately after /claiming and examining the ring, but without visiting the citadel first the quest will not update.
  • To enter Acquisition version, you must first complete the "Unearthing" version.
  • To enter the Veiled Hollow version, complete the quest series that starts with A Small Sampling.


Each of the instances will have all or some of the following monsters, in the level range indicated previously. Mob strength will vary from vvv to ^, depending on grouping.

Bosses Edit

Unearthing theme:

  • Alicon D'Morte, Blensiir D'Morte, etc. - 12 in all (level 35)
    • These ghosts spawn and attack when you right click on a gravestone and choose disturb the grave.
  • Zendra D'Morte (level 35)
    • Zendra is one of the 12. Her marker is located at ( -79, -7, 91 ) /waypoint -79, -7, 91.
  • a D'Morte guard captain (level 34^^ Heroic)
    • Rather obviously, you are NOT expected to kill this mob. He is an obstacle. There are breakable walls covering hidden tunnels to either side of him. Go around, not through him!

Acquisition theme:

Veiled Hollow theme:

See Also Edit

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