Map of Crushbone Keep Ground Floor

Ground Floor

Crushbone Keep Second Floor


Crushbone Keep Basement


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EverQuest II Zone Information
Introduced Echoes of Faydwer CB
Level Range 20-30
Adjacent Zones Greater Faydark, The D'Vinnian Throne
Instance Public
Timelines Crushbone Keep Timeline
Quests NPCs Monsters Named Monsters
Drops Instances POIs Discos

What does this information mean?


Also abbreviated CBK.
Quests: See Crushbone Keep Timeline.

For a list of possible Expert "blue shiny" spawn points for this zone, see this list.

The fortress home of countless orcs, Crushbone Keep provides adventure and excitement to lvl 20+ players.

Max Chrono-mentor is level 30 to ensure all mobs are not gray.

There is a connecting instance The D'Vinnian Throne at the end of the zone. See instances page for more info.