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EverQuest II Alternate Advancement Information
AAs » Brawler AAs » Brawler's Wisdom line
Crane Flock Rank (*/1)
Wisdom 2 points
Requires 22 points in Wisdom line
Crane Flock causes all auto-attacks made to attack up to 4 enemies surrounding the Crane Sensei. The Crane Sensei's primary target will be hit twice. Icon purple fist
Target Self
Power Scales
Casting Instant

recovery = Instant

Recast 2 minutes
Duration 16.0 seconds
  • Caster will Double Attack on 100.0% of melee attacks
  • Caster has a 100.0% chance of having their primary weapon's auto-attack affect multiple targets they are facing, who are within melee range.
Grants the prefix title 'Crane Sensei'

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