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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Court of the Coin  (AA)
Journal Level 55 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Court of the Coin more
How to Start Speak to Neriph, Caliph of the Coin in The Court of the Coin
part of: Court of the Coin Timeline
Preceded by:
Court of the Coin: Setting the House in Order
Followed by:
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  • Get auto-updates in The Living Tombs ( -368, -142, -1037 ) /waypoint -368, -142, -1037 in The Sinking Sands
    • Residence Court: ( -344, -9, 511 ) /waypoint -344, -9, 511, at the monolith
    • Priestess' Court: ( -110, 12, 120 ) /waypoint -110, 12, 120, at the priestess spawn
    • Statue Court: ( -65, 1, 390 ) /waypoint -65, 1, 390, by the wisps
    • Return to the entrance sewers in The Living Tombs and get auto-update at ( -633, 3, 327 ) /waypoint -633, 3, 327
      • Warning: 4 level 54- tomb raiders attack. You will have 4 minutes to kill them for update.
  • Speak to Barusha the Tradesman ( -1165, -151, -304 ) /waypoint -1165, -151, -304 in The Sinking Sands
    • Warning: 3 level 54-- dervish assassins attack. You will have 5 minutes to kill them for update.
  • Amina will run up. Speak to her for update.
  • Enter Nabil's Cave from The Pillars of Flame at ( 288, -87, -490 ) /waypoint 288, -87, -490
  • Speak to Nabil
    • Warning: 5 level 55-- dervish assassins attack (worth AA). You have 5 minutes to kill them for update.
  • Read assassination orders from your inventory to complete the quest.


Court of the Coin: Imminent Danger Part 2: InstanceEdit

Return to Maj'Dul and go to the Court of the Coin. At the door, you will be given two selections; select "The Court of the Coin: Imminent Danger." You will enter an instance with Neriph, Caliph of the Coin.

  • Speak to Neriph and he will ask you if you hear anything. Your job is to protect Neriph, Caliph of the Coin; he will assist if attacked. Be careful, he is attackable. If you target him by mistake or use blue AE's he will die.
    • There are 4 rooms in this instance; 2 on the right of Neriph and 2 on his left. Enter the room on the right (Neriph's left): a group of three 55 Heroic ^ and ^^'s will spawn; a single (55^ Heroic) hired assassin may join the group, or you may find her in the main room attacking Neriph.
    • Repeat in the remaining 3 rooms, killing the assassins. Note: There may be a few single assassins (55^ Heoric) that sneak up on Neriph in the main room, kill them also.
  • When the assassins are dead you will see the message: "The Doors Slam Shut."

Note: You will need all three broken medallion pieces (Court of the Coin, Blades, and Truth) before you can proceed to the final quest: The Courts of Maj'Dul: Of Fate and Destiny.

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