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Class Assassin Assassin Icon Icon Tracking Wheel Green Mask
Level 55
Category (Target)  /  (Self)
 Casting Time  Instant
 Recast time  1 min
 Duration  7.0 seconds
Allows the assassin to enter stealth after every combat art that lands within the next 7 seconds. While concealment is in effect, the assassin generates less hate with enemies in combat.
  • Desreases hate gain of caster (see below)
  • On a successful attack this spell will cast Combat Stealth on target. Lasts for 0.1 seconds.
    • Applies Shroud on termination. Lasts for 36.0 seconds.
      • Grants stealth to caster
      • Suspends caster's movement speed enhancements

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Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster Ancient
IMPORTANT NOTE: This spell has been indentified as not having been updated since GU52. Information in the table below is likely incorrect. A list of old data will be given at the end of this table.
Decreases Hate Gain of caster by 30% 35% 40%  % N/A
Old data listing:

app1: ; app2: ; app3: 30%; app4: 35%; ad1: 40%; ad3: %; m1: N/A; m2: {{{9}}}

Cells for spell ranks that are not available for this spell are displayed as black.

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