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Combatant's Technique (Armor Set) (Visible, Male) If you can, please take a screenshot of a female character (yourself or someone else) wearing this item, crop it, and upload it either as jpg or as png

Armor Set: Combatant's Technique

  • (2) +10 STR
  • (3) Applies Nerve Pinch
    • On a successful attack this spell has a chance to cast Nerve Pinch on target of attack. This effect will trigger an average of 2.0 times per minute. If a melee attack is used, only the primary weapon can trigger this effect.
      • Decreases Threat to target by 2,000
        • Must be flanking or behind
      • Increases Threat to target by 2,000
        • Must be in front of target
  • (5) +3 Extra Riposte Chance.

This is the TSO Armor Set (Tier 1) for: Brawlers ( Bruiser, Monk) that can be obtained via the Void Shard Mission System. .

These pieces are available for vendor purchase from a mysterious Quellthulian, designated as the <Shard Armor Merchant> in Moors of Ykesha at the Dropship Landing Zone ( 1680, 452, 894 ) /waypoint 1680, 452, 894 Eq2map. They can also be created by crafters.

Once purchased, this armor can subsequently be upgraded to the TSO Armor Set (Tier 2): Jin Drake's Relentless Attack (Armor Set)

Shard Costs
Armor Piece Cost
Combatant's Double Weave Skullcap
  • 6 Void Shards
Combatant's Double Weave Gi
  • 10 Void Shards
Combatant's Double Weave Shoulderpads
  • 12 Void Shards
Combatant's Double Weave Gloves
  • 5 Void Shards
Combatant's Double Weave Leggings
  • 6 Void Shards
Combatant's Double Weave Footwraps
  • 5 Void Shards

Note that the Void Shard costs in the above table are for vendor purchase. If purchased from a crafter, each piece costs one void shard less.

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