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This is a list of Collection Quests, broken down by expansion. When you have completed a Collection Quest, you may turn it in to a Collector in any city.

Shattered Lands (Core Game)Edit


Bone Fragments
by Race (45)

by Quality

Moths (10)

Spiders (25)

Butterflies (15)

Beetles (25)

Ants (30)



by Type (45)

by Quality


Lavastorm / Solusek's EyeEdit

Runnyeye: The GatheringEdit

Shard of LoveEdit


Adventure PacksEdit

Splitpaw SagaEdit


Bloodline ChroniclesEdit


Fallen DynastyEdit



The Forsaken CityEdit



Desert of FlamesEdit


Akhet (50)

Jewelry (50)

Lamps (50)

Insects (50)

Mummy Wrappings (50)

Scales (50)

Tinkered Items (50)

Miscellaneous (50)


Kingdom of SkyEdit


Airship Plating

Bird Bits (65)

Droag Bits

Other Race Bits



Echoes of FaydwerEdit



Expert CollectionsEdit

Requires completing the Expert Recognition: Faydwer Collections quest to receive the Gnomish Collection Goggles. The ? nodes glow blue for the hidden collections. A total of 11 hidden collection were released, 1 per original EOF zone.

Rise of KunarkEdit



Expert CollectionsEdit

Requires completing the Expert Recognition: Kunark Collections quest to receive the Kunark Expert Adventurer Goggles. The "?" nodes glow blue for the hidden collections.

Master Artisan Red ShiniesEdit

Requires the Earring of the Solstice to see the red shinies.

The Shadow OdysseyEdit


Expert CollectionsEdit

Requires wearing either the the Talisman of the Ethernauts or Signet of the Ethernauts from Relics of the Ethernauts to see these blue shinies. There is one expert collection per TSO instance group:

Sentinel's Fate CollectionsEdit

Sundered FrontierEdit

Stonebrunt HighlandsEdit

The HoleEdit


From Other CollectionsEdit

Destiny of VeliousEdit

Great DivideEdit

Battle of Storm GorgeEdit

The Ring WarEdit

Eastern WastesEdit


Drunder InstancesEdit

Kael Drakkel (Contested)Edit

From Other CollectionsEdit

Skyshrine Collections (GU63)Edit


Solo InstancesEdit

Withered LandsEdit

From Other CollectionsEdit

Sleeper's Tomb (LU64.5)Edit

Sleeper's Tomb: the AwakeningEdit

Sleeper's Tomb (Contested)Edit

From Other CollectionsEdit

Chains of Eternity Collections (LU65)Edit

The Eidolon JungleEdit

Obol PlainsEdit


From Other CollectionsEdit

Cobalt Scar Collections (GU66)Edit

Master CollectionsEdit

  • Cobalt Scar Melodies (95) (9x flute collection from sub collections completed in Cobalt Scar overland area)
    • Gives a legendary neck and Cobalt Scar Stone for Tides of War collection
  • Collected Alluring Novelties (95) Heroic zone (4x sub collection from Siren's Grotto Heroic zone)
    • Gives a Alluring Siren's Stone for Tides of War collection
  • Collected Tavalan Novelties (95) Heroic zone (4x Sub collection from Siren's Grotto Heroic zone)
    • Gives a Tavalan Gem for Tides of War collection
  • Tides of War (95) (4x stone collection from sub collections completed in Cobalt Scar and Siren's Grotto instance zones)

Siren's Grotto CollectionsEdit

Darkness Dawns Collections (GU67)Edit

Tears of Veeshan CollectionsEdit

Vesspyr IslesEdit

Pieces for many collections may be found on more than one island. Here the collections are separated by the islands where the pieces seem to be found most often, which may help people seeking to fill in that "one last shiny".

Aerial CollectionsEdit

Hidden CollectionsEdit


Tradeskill CollectionsEdit

These are all LORE and may only be seen by those possessing the Earring of the Solstice. These collection pieces may be found anywhere in Vesspyr Isles.

From Other CollectionsEdit

Fabled Instance CollectionsEdit

With the addition of new Fabled instance zones January 23, 2014, we hear that there are 35 new collections.

Fabled Sanctum of the ScalebornEdit

Fabled Vaults of El’AradEdit

Fabled Den of the DevourerEdit

Fabled Halls of FateEdit

Unknown at this TimeEdit

From Other Collections in Fabled InstancesEdit

Altar of MaliceEdit

Tranquil Sea Edit

Death Weave Isle Edit

Isle of RefugeEdit

South DshinnEdit

North DshinnEdit

Meta Collection Edit

Tradeskill Edit

Phantom Sea Edit

Kithicor IslandEdit

Grim ShalesEdit

Meta Collection Edit

Tradeskill Edit

Advanced Solo CollectionsEdit

Meta CollectionEdit

Brokenskull Bay: Spoils of Maraud (Contested)Edit

Meta CollectionEdit

Ossuary of Malevolence (Contested)Edit

Meta CollectionEdit


Brokenskull BayEdit


Castle HighholdEdit

Ossuary of MalevolenceEdit

Ssraeshza TempleEdit

Meta CollectionEdit

Final Meta Collection Edit

Rum Cellar Campaign Collections Edit

Solo instance (ground spawn) Edit

Solo and Advanced Solo instance (named mob dropped) Edit

Heroic Event instance (ground spawn) Edit

  • Shark Teeth Phantom Lake (reward: Grogmagas Grog)
  • Shark Teeth Tranquil Sea
  • Parrot Feathers Phantom Lake
  • Parrot Feathers Tranquil Sea
  • Rum Infusions

Meta / Final Edit

Live Event and World Event CollectionsEdit

World EventsEdit


Moonlight EnchantmentsEdit

City FestivalsEdit

Guide CollectionsEdit

Unknown Location CollectionsEdit

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