EverQuest II Achievement Information
Closet Full of Skeletons
Category: Live Events

Subcategory: Nights of the Dead

Craft 16 Night of the Dead items.

Craft a Shackled Human Skeleton
Craft a Sinister Chandelier
Craft a Baneful Bone Mound
Craft a Petrified Bone Tile
Craft a Crawling Captive
Craft a Fearsome Skull Garland
Craft a Menacing Bone Fetish
Craft a Frightening Bone Fetish

Craft a Sinister Candelabra
Craft a Baneful Skull on a String
Craft a Swinging Bone Collection
Craft a Creepy Skull Garland
Craft a Gruesome Bone Fetish
Craft a Threatening Skeleton Display
Craft a Noxious Skeletons
Craft a Baneful Bone Arrangement

Harvest Time Garland

You get the achievement after crafting all 16 items. Items are made at the forge and at the work bench.

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