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Once a month from the 1st through the 7th a different city will host a week long event called a city festival. During these festivals players can trade City Tokens in for house items and other rewards from merchants. City tokens can be acquired before the events by doing city writs or during the event by completing repeatable quests. Each host city has its own postage collection quest available from purple ? nodes found within the city and nearby regions.

Repeatable QuestsEdit

Festival MerchantsEdit

Aether RacingEdit

Each city festival also hosts Aether Racing for the entertainment of spectators and participants alike. If you complete the race track in a fast time you will also get a unique title. There are six possible titles to earn. More information can be found on the City Festival Aether Racing page.

Host CitiesEdit

Note: as of January 2011, hosting order for Gorowyn & Kelethin have been switched. SOE Has made this change to keep the order Evil/Good/Evil/Good. The other cities' order has remained unchanged, and is listed as follows...



  • Location: By the Butcherblock stable master in Greater Faydark ( 606, 45, 41 ) /waypoint 605.94, 44.97, 41.07
  • Collection: Kelethin Postage Collection
  • When: February & August
  • Travel: Closest is Druid Portal




  • Location: In The Commonlands along the road between The Crossroads and the Freeport griffon tower
  • Collection: Freeport Postage Collection
  • When: May & November
  • Waypoint: /way -549, -48, -416
  • Travel: Closest is Wizard Spire

New HalasEdit

  • Location: Next to the hotsprings encircling the Cairn of the Huntress
  • Collection: Halas Postage Collection
  • When: June & December
  • Quest Giver: Kella Swampfoot (Far Seas Quartermaster), located at 98, 150, -135

Icon medallion 11 (Treasured) This article refers to events, personae and activities only accessible in-game during the City Festivals that occur from the 1st through the 7th of each month.

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