Use the chronoportals in various zones to enter the event encounters!


This is an annual live event that begins in mid-March, around the end of Brew Day.

To check the exact dates, log into the game and click the EQ2 button in the bottom right of your screen and choose Calendar from the list of options that opens. Keep in mind that the start date and end of (most) events is midnight PST, due to the location of the main office of Daybreak.

The EQII Team created this fun event in honor of EverQuest's anniversary. Although the lore doesn't exactly fit the current story of EQII, they decided to make it extra enjoyable for those who were around for the first iteration of Norrath (EQ1).

Adventurers who take part in this journey through time will find some silly nods to EQ and moments of nostalgia as we reminisce about our heritage.

Check your mail for an announcement of this event on Live servers. The event lore, sent via an in-game mail can be found at the end of this page if you accidentally delete the in-game version of the announcement.

New This YearEdit

This section highlights new content added most recently. Please move any info into the main article below when/if newer content is live each year.

Added in 2016Edit

This event will be active on Live servers in 2016 on March 17th, at 12:01am PST and will end on March 24th at 11:59pm PST.
  • Quests will only be available during this time frame for 2016.
  • The event merchants remain after the event itself has ended. You can visit them until March 31st, 2016 at 11:59pm PST time.
  • Like most other annual live events it will automatically start and end without server downtime. NPCs and special locations will simply appear.

New QuestsEdit

No new quests were added in 2016.

New ItemsEdit

In 2016, new items were added to the merchants for this event. All of which are paintings one can place in player housing.

These include:

TLE ServerEdit

As of 2017, this event is available on the Time Locked Expansion (TLE) servers. However, players should be aware that encounters in Portal to the Past: Guk will be level 91.

Event Currency and MerchantsEdit


Merchant item examples: top left, Replica: Allizswar; top right Replica: Pyzjn; bottom left The Age of Turmoil (painting); bottom right, Ancient Musical Harp.

Successfully defeating the "named" monsters (MOBS) in each chronoportal instance reward every member of the group with two Ancient Platinum Coins.

  • Players who have All Access (subscriber) accounts earn double the event currency.
Chronoportal Merchants

The event merchants sell a variety of house items for these coins, including books, paintings, and boss replicas as reminders of the original Everquest. Both merchants offer identical items.

  • Distun Delki, located near the Antonica lighthouse ( 327, -14, 788 ) /waypoint 327, -14, 788
  • Erben Delki, on the cliff above the Commonlands' dock ( -1038, -69, -593 ) /waypoint -1038, -69, -593

Quests by ZoneEdit

The portals are best suited to groups. An easy way to earn some event currency without battle is to complete the collection quest described in the section below.

  • You can repeat the quest annually.

The instances are all persistent Instances (90minutes minimum, 18hours maximum)

  • Once you defeated a "named" monster (mobs) it will reset automatically after 18 hours the instance. Which also means you can reenter started instance as often as you like within those 18 hours and continue the instance.
  • Or you can reset the instances 90 mins after the timer has been set (completed or not).
    • Note: To do so, open Options (at the bottom left of the User Interface in-game), select Dungeon Finder from the list, click on the Persistent Instances tab, then choose Reset Individual Instances or Reset All.

Main QuestEdit

Pick up this quest before you enter any of the portals, as this "main quest" requires killing specific monsters in and the completion of each portal!

Hunt the Past is an quest given by Tazstra K'Rzheett, above the dock in the Commonlands ( -1034, -69, -564 ) /waypoint -1034, -69, -564. It requires you to kill new monsters (mobs) inside every chronoportal.

Portal to the Past: Qeynos HillsEdit

Portal to the Past: Plains of KaranaEdit

  • Located in Enchanted Lands between the wizard spire and the druid ring ( -471, -33, 66 ) /waypoint -471.37, -32.83, 65.63
  • Mentors group to level 30. Minimum level to enter is level 20.
  • Zone map is based on Shattered Vale.
  • A ranger tells you that any creature may be the placeholder for Quillmane. Slay all the local wildlife, then kill The Ishva Mal. Quillmane flies in from high above, then becomes attackable in the center of the druid ring.
  • Quillmane's visible gear loot is the Pegasus Feather Cloak.

Portal to the Past: Qeynos RuinsEdit

  • Located in Thundering Steppes near the docks, up a hill to your left as you run inland from the docks ( -401, 5, -309 ) /waypoint -401, 5, -309
  • Mentors group to level 40. Minimum level to enter is level 30.
  • Zone map is based on The Forest Ruins.
  • Clear lesser skeletons throughout the zone. When all are cleared, the lesser skeletons near the podium in the ruined tower ( 1086, -4, -780 ) /waypoint 1086, -4, -780 become active as a ring event. Slay five waves to spawn Pyzjn.
  • Pyzjn's visible gear loot is the Prodigious Glowing Black Stone.
  • Note: The infamous Holly Windstalker wanders the zone. When she tells you "Slay all the skeletons you want but do not harm the animals," she REALLY means it. If you attack one of the bears or wolves she will respawn as a 55^^^ Epic x4 that cannot be damaged.
    • Holly will not change if you are killing bats for the quest Hunt the Past.

Portal to the Past: SteamfontEdit

Portal to the Past: Nagafen's LairEdit

  • Located in Lavastorm on a rock beside the path inland from the docks ( -130, -120, 517 ) /waypoint -130, -120, 517.
  • Mentors group to level 60. Minimum level to enter is level 50.
  • Zone map is based on The Oratorium of Thyr.
  • Step into the lava, head to the left (otherwise, the wandering fire giants will eventually add) and kill the lava duct crawlers. The duct crawlers will break if you are not in the lava with them. If you do not clear the lava duct crawlers, the fire giants will port you into the lava and swarms of hatched spiderlings will attack. After the lava area has been cleared, pull and kill the roaming fire giants. Finally, fight Magus Rokyl and Warlord Skarlon.
  • Stop attacking when the Magus emotes: "Yes!!! Let your destruction flow into me...". Any damage that is done during this time is recorded then reflected back at you. Resume attacking when the Magus says, "Too much power... I can hold it no longer!" At the start of the fight, the Magus wards the Warlord, but the Warlord is easily burned down after the Magus is dead.
  • Magus Rokyll's visible gear loot is the Prodigious Razing Sword of Skarlon.

Portal to the Past: Southern Desert of RoEdit

  • Located in Sinking Sands near Ghassan the Trader ( -1444, -226, -407 ) /waypoint -1444, -226, -407.
  • Mentors group to level 70. Minimum level to enter is level 60.
  • Zone map is based on Cazel's Mesa.
  • To spawn the Ancient Cyclops, you basically just follow the suggestions of the camper NPCs.
    • The first camper talks about desert madmen. Kill all the spiders and desert madmen.
    • The next camper talks about mummies. Run around to all the spots with tombstones and kill the ancient mummies that spawn from the ground.
    • The next camper suggests using the /dance emote 500 times to spawn the AC. Use the /dance emote once.
    • The Ancient Cyclops spawns where you /dance. Try not to aggro him yet, as he cannot be killed and will kill the other campers. (The AC seems to spawn without the /dance.)
    • Kill Terrorantula as soon as it spawns. This will allow you to kill the AC.
    • The Ancient Cyclops will kill off every NPC, leaving it open for you to kill him.
  • The Ancient Cyclops' visible gear loot is the Gargantuan Terrorantula Leg Segment.

Portal to the Past: Ocean of TearsEdit

Portal to the Past: GukEdit


Successfully completing all eight chronoportals will earn you the Time Traveler achievement and reward you with the suffix title, the Time Traveler.


Collection QuestEdit

Elements of Time is a purple shiny collection with nine collectibles in the area around each Chronoportal. There are only a few spawn locations for the purple shinies near each portal and they respawn quickly.

The reward is eight Ancient Platinum Coins upon turning in to a Collector.

Locations with CollectiblesEdit

The collection items only appear in specific locations. Each set of location has three collectibles you might find.

Possible items in Antonica, Enchanted Lands, and Thundering Steppes include:

  • Dimensional Fissure, Exotic Matter, and Chronomagical Spark.

Possible items in Steamfont Mountains, Lavastorm, and Sinking Sands include:

  • Chronological Ripple, Temporal Shard, and Condensed Energy.

Possible items in Feerrott and Moors of Ykesha include:

  • Nebulous Vortex, Cosmic String, and Crackling Residue

Event AnnouncementEdit

The Chronomages of Norrath need your help. They’ve felt surges in the fabric of time, and used their magic to investigate those surges. The results of their probes caused portals to open, connecting the present with the ancient days before The Shattering. You’ve been asked to go through the portals, face any challenges you may find, and return to help the Chronomages understand what’s happening.

Portals have opened in Sinking Sands, the Moors of Ykesha, The Feerrott, Thundering Steppes, Antonica, Steamfont Mountains, the Enchanted Lands, and Lavastorm. The mages ask that you investigate them all!

Journey through the portals to find the ancient heroes and villains of an age gone by. Reminisce about them. Then kill them and loot them for the really cool items they possess. Hurry before time runs out!

The zones are all completable with a small group, although some players may be able to solo them without much difficulty. The event runs every year around EQ1's birthday in March. All instances have a 1 1/2 hour to 18 hour persistence.

Chronoportal small This article refers to events, personae and activities only present in-game during the annual Chronoportal Phenomenon towards the end of March.

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