Chat Channels are places to communicate with other players, each channel having it's own set of restrictions on who can hear you. Without these restrictions, your chat window would contain everything said by every player on your server and noone could hear anything through the confusion.

Chat Channels are grouped in several different ways, and some are more restrictive than others. Access to these channels can be controlled by the use of Chat Commands or by use of the Chat Options right-click menu.

Local ChannelsEdit

  • Say - Anyone that is close to you can hear what you say, provided they understand the language you are speaking in.
  • OOC - Out of Character is a zone-wide channel. Everyone in the same zone as you can hear what you say. On Role Playing servers it is considered polite to use this channel for all public communication that is not in character.
  • Shout - Zone-wide channel that SHOULD be reserved for in-character communications

Automatic ChannelsEdit

  • Group
  • Raid
  • Guild
  • Officer

World ChannelsEdit

  • General
  • High_Level - For characters level 80 or higher
  • LFG
  • Alignment Channels
  • Class Channels
  • Race Channels
  • Auction Channel
  • Crafting Channel
  • Trading Channel
    There used to be separate channels for every tier of levels, but they have been consolidated into the General, High_Level, and LFG channels.

Helper ChannelsEdit

  • Newbie
  • Help
    There used to be separate Good and Evil versions for these two channels, but they have been consolidated into the channels you see listed above.

Custom ChannelsEdit

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