This is not a guide to the zone, but the info i have so fare on it.

The Zone has alot of pitts all over, singel mob in the pitt (high 70ish tripple up), pitts cant be seen since it looks just like regular floor. 4 nameds in this zone if i remember correctly, the dreamer (high 70ish, pops addds mid fight, slightly unsure on that 1, might have been agro), and the bla bla of nightmares (nasty one, with an aoe and a power drain, so max distance on him) (dropped the lvl77 set shoulders BTW). In the golem room you pull the golem and when the mob is down to 0% you have to read the scroll on the scroll stand otherwise you just cant kill him (his stoneskin sux all your damage otherwise), this will continue on 4-5 mobs, last mob is a named so slow fighting, otherwise youll be OOP. When you have killed the golem named 2 shards should be in the room, these are to be moved to the alter of dreams/nightmares (where the 2 named was, 1 in each placed upon the alter), this will unlock the door to the last named mob. The last mob (name escapes me) will upon engaging it start to spawn adds (comes form left and right) if the adds reach him he heals to full (so keep the adds rooted or otherwise engaged till the named drops). oh and if any1 leaves the platform upon which he stands he breaks the encounter (no fancy pulls to keep him away from the adds, and if u kill the addds it breaks the encounter). All in all a bad ass zone really lol, but fun as hell.

--- Each add heals 20% health on touching named, mezzing one will let you slowly burn down the named. Note that any sort of damage to adds seems to destroy them and break the encounter

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