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EverQuest 2 Spell Information
Channel II
Icon channel
Wheel Red Crook
Equalizes the power totals of the Coercer's group. The sum of all power points in the group divided evenly for each group member, at a slight loss. Upgrades to this spell prevent the loss of efficiency when dividing points to group members.

Target Group
Casting 1.0 seconds
Recast 15 Minutes
Effect Radius 50 Meters
Level 76



  • Distributes the group members' total combined power evenly among all the group members
Channel Spell Line


Upgrades of this spell Increase the power gained when using Channel II.


This spell collects the power of all group members, double it and shares it each member. This spell doesn't look at the % of the power it looks after the actual power that the groupmembers have.


  • Before channelling=
    • Member 1 = 2.000
    • Member 2 = 4.000
    • Member 3 = 1.000
    • Member 4 = 0
    • Member 5 = 5.000
    • Member 6 = 3.000
  • Total power = 15.000
    • Guess with master channelling the power gets doubled => power that is shareable = 30.000
  • After channel = 30000/6 = 5.000 power each group member


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