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Recommendations on AA ChoicesEdit

Here's the setup I use for my SK, it's for tanking/raid tanking/backup raid tank/main assist raid tank:

Fireforkts 19:02, 29 April 2008 (UTC)

Most of these recommended builds require that you have a number of AA points already, if not all 100!

There are certainly plenty of build ideas to choose from based on your play style. You may find that as you level, and acquire AA points, there will be more beneficial ways to spend your points to be self sufficient. Then you may respec later on for tanking in raids and veteran groups.

It is generally considered a good idea to "enhance" what you use the most on your hotbar in the subclass tree and place points in the Sentry/STA line on the Crusader tree (as STA tends to be a favorite for tanks) until you gain enough AA points to respec for your preferred recommended build.


Submitted by: Licha Von'Tootsiepoots

Notes: Max out all the life tap add ons in the reaver line and max enhance siphon strength in decay line - youll stand toe to toe with even con heroics eaisily


Submitted by: Name



Submitted by: Name


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