According to Gallenite, the RoK NDA is lifted ([1]):

It's been a fantastic beta so far. Thanks to everyone who's been patiently awaiting the NDA coming down before sharing information with their friends.

As of 4:37pm PST Friday Nov 9, 2007 (a time also known as "right now") you're all released from the confidentiality requirements of the Rise of Kunark Beta Non Disclosure Agreement.

May your next days be filled with tales of adventures and triumphs in Kunark, and we'll see you live next week!

- The EverQuest II Team

____ Scott Hartsman Senior Producer, EverQuest II


You can also teleport to Terans Grasp uising the Spire in Teran's Grasp (Wizards/Warlocks}Alleyne 19:01, 12 April 2008 (UTC)

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