In-Game Wizard Alternate Advancements Tree
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Enhance: Solar FlareEnhance: Fortify ElementsEnhance: Magi's ShieldingEnhance: Ice SpearsEnhance: ImmolationEnhance: Magma ChamberEnhance: Vital TransferEnhance: Ice CometEnhance: Storm of LightningEnhance: ConvergeEnhance: CeaseEnhance: FirestormEnhance: IncinerateEnhance: ConcussiveEnhance: Storming TempestEnhance: Glacial WindEnhance: Ball of FireEnhance: Harvest ManaEnhance: Mail of FrostEnhance: FusionEnhance: Surge of RoEnhance: Mana IntromissionEnhance: Frigid GiftFireshapeManaburnSpell ReachIceshapeShield of IciclesBurning StormsBall of FlamesMagmatic IncapacitationFrostswordElemental SurpriseFiery BlastWizard AA Tree
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