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Troll (Character Race)

from in-game Character Generation screen

Troll (Character Race) Male

Troll Male

Troll (Character Race) Female

Troll Female

Race Information
Home Cities: Freeport
Neriak, City of Hate

Overview Edit

The trolls were the first race placed on Norrath by Cazic-Thule. They are nearly as tall as ogres but less bulky, with rough greenish skin and sinister features. Trolls will eat anything, cooked or uncooked, as long as it was (or still is) alive at some point. Trolls care only for satisfying their personal desires, which mostly revolve around a hunger for food and a lust for battle. While they are reviled by most other races, they would be even more dangerous if their intelligence wasn't so limited. Even so, their inherent savagery and selfishness combined with formidable strength make them deadly opponents. Built into the muck and mire of Innothule Swamp, the troll city of Grobb was a primitive, messy hovel. It was eventually conquered by their ancient rivals, the frogloks, who transformed the city into Gukta. The trolls sought refuge with their dark elf allies, falling even more under the control of the Teir'Dal.

Despite their limitations, trolls are not to be underestimated. A particularly savage clan made their home in Broken Skull Rock, filling their hearts with the doctrines of Hate. With Innoruuk as their new master, they stole an ancient artifact from Grobb, a stone etched with the prophecy of the Grozmok. Trolls continue to await the coming of the Grozmok, a mythical figure that will unite the tribes under the combined might of Fear and Hate.

Troll Traditions Edit

Choose one of these every 10th level up to 90.
Name Effect Duration
Uncommon Insight Grants a level-dependent increase to WIS.Passive
Cazic's Enduring Hold Grants a level-dependent increase to STA.Passive
Adoration Increases Ministration by 5.0. Passive
Brainy Improves the casting speed of beneficial spells by 2%. Passive
Stubbornness Increases Parry, Defense, and Deflection by 5.0. Passive
Good Blocking Increases Deflection by 2.0 and Shield Effectiveness by 2.0%. Passive
Swamp Water Increases duration of tradeskilled drinks by 10%. Passive
Restore Increases out-of-combat power regeneration based on level. Passive
Bind Wound Heals for 2.0% of max health while out of combat. 2.0 sec casting, recast 1.0 sec.
Walk it Off Decreases falling damage by 15.0%. Passive
Maniacal MadnessIncreases mana pool by 3.0%.Passive
Basher's WillIncreases health pool by 3.0%.Passive
Defy MagicIncreases arcane mitigation based on level.Passive
Putrid HideIncreases physical mitigation based on level.Passive
More GlueIncreases Durability per round by 2.Passive
Kruzz's LuckIncreases Durability per round by 1.0 and success chance by 1.0%.Passive
Troll GourmetIncreases Artistry by 5.0.Passive
Mender of the MireIncreases Armorer success chance by 2.0%Passive
Rub the Mud OffIncreases Artificing by 5.0.Passive
Innate Abilities
UltravisionProvides high contrast vision, but washes out color.2 hrs., recast 2 sec.
Innothule's BlessingIncreases out-of-combat health regeneration based on level.Passive
Ignore TerrorMakes caster immune to Fear effects.1.0 sec. casting, 5 min. recast, 20.0 sec. duration
Tasty ThingsIncreases duration of tradeskilled food by 25%.Passive
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