Deep within the Sundered Splitpaw dwells the greatest threat in Norrath's new history!

Enter the legendary lair of the Splitpaw Gnolls to discover the terrible secrets of their mysterious dungeons. Use movable planks, crates and barrels to forge your way through a series of event-based zones while battling a ferocious clan of cannibalistic gnolls. Experience the thrill of adventure for months to come as the challenge scales in difficulty for players between 20th and 50th level. [1].

Introduced on June 8, 2005, The Splitpaw Saga was the second Adventure Pack episode released for EverQuest II.

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Introduction Edit

All of the Splitpaw zones are automatically scaled to match your level (between levels 20-50), except for the raids. When in a group, the zones scale to the average level of the group. You can modify the target level by choosing "normal", "difficult" (level+1), or "very difficult" (level+2) when you enter an instance.

Splitpaw is fairly challenging compared to other places of the same level. Most classes find Splitpaw harder at levels 20-35, and easier at levels 35-50, due to the useful spells and achievement abilities earned in the mid-levels.

Beyond level 50, you can still do Splitpaw quests and zones, the quest givers just will not have feathers over their heads (Unless of course, you opt to show lower range quests in your Options). Reminder: Now that you can Chronomentor by talking to the Time Mages in one of the major cities this shouldn't be an issue. Just Mentor yourself down to Level 50 and solo the quests as normal.

Overview Edit

The general timeline for this adventure pack is as follows:

  1. Receive your shard through the in-game mail and complete the access quest instance.
  2. Fight your way through the Upper Tunnels to the Splitpaw Den.
  3. Complete at least three Den quests to earn your teleportation shard.
  4. Work on the Splitpaw raids.

Earning Access Edit

Upon reaching level 20, you will receive an in-game mail from Shady Swashbuckler XVIII with the shard attached. Receive and examine the shard. This will give you the access quest called A Darkened Shard. You must then finish an instance to complete your access to Splitpaw. The access quest instance takes about 45 minutes, and is fairly challenging, but you can bring friends to make it faster and easier. Click on the quest for further information.

You must complete the access quest before you can enter the rest of Splitpaw.

Layout Edit

Splitpaw upper tunnels

The solo route through Splitpaw Upper Tunnels. Map by EQ2MAP.

Splitpaw is found in the south end of Thundering Steppes, at the location marked "A Gnoll Cave" on your map. The entrance takes you into Upper Tunnels. Below the Upper Tunnels is a city zone called the Splitpaw Den, which is the hub of the adventure pack. You must fight or sneak through Upper Tunnels to get to the Den. There's a short heroic route, and a longer route that's soloable.

In the Den, you will find entrances to all of the Splitpaw zones. You'll also find quest NPCs, merchants, and a mender.

At first, you must fight through Upper Tunnels every time you want to reach the rest of the zones. Later, after you've earned the trust of the gnolls, you'll be able to skip the Upper Tunnels and teleport directly into Splitpaw Den.

For a detailed description of how to reach Splitpaw Den please read Traveling to Splitpaw Den.

Zones Edit

From Thundering Steppes

From the Sundered Splitpaw: Splitpaw Den - city zone

From the Drowned Caverns: Outer Grotto - located off of Splitpaw Den - all heroic

Standalone adventure - enter from Thundering Steppes

Quests Edit

Access Quest Edit

Quests marked with a * improve your trust with the gnolls. When you have finished three of them, Seeress Bloodhackle will give you a teleportation shard, letting you easily return to Splitpaw from anywhere.

Solo Quests Edit

Heroic Quests Edit

Other Quests Edit


These do not appear in your journal.

Epic Quest Edit

See Also Edit

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