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In-Game Necromancer Alternate Advancements Tree
Click the icons for more detailed info on each AA

See here for Summoner AA's and here for necromancers shadow AA's

Enhance: Undead KnightEnhance: Necrotic ReconstructionEnhance: Chains of TormentEnhance: SoulrotEnhance: Grim SorcererEnhance: NightshadeEnhance: Dark HeartEnhance: Absorb MagicEnhance: Necromantic PactEnhance: BloodcoilEnhance: SummoningEnhance: Transfer LifeEnhance: Grasping BonesEnhance: FearEnhance: PandemicEnhance: Awaken GraveEnhance: Blighted HordeEnhance: Undead HordeEnhance: RevivicationEnhance: ConsumptionEnhance: Mortality MarkEnhance: Siphoning of SoulsEnhance: Bloody RitualOoze CrawlerBlood PactTainted HealsLifeburnSpirit of the UnderworldMinion's AdeptnessMinion's SoulstealingNoxious DebilitationConsuming VitalityNoxious BarrierAccelerated DecayNecromancer AA Tree
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